The Wicked Witch is Dead!

I just learned that Mr. Chad Connelly has resigned at state chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party. One of the last times I was this happy, it was 1955 and my mother was reading THE WIZARD OF OZ aloud to my sister and me; and we got to the part where Dorothy threw a bucket of mop water on the wicked witch of the west.

Chad Connelly is a textbook example of everything the state chairman of a political party should not be. In his very short tenure as state chairman, he took a party that was solidly in the black with no debt, to a point where it is now a half million dollars in debt and there is a $340,000.00 mortgage on our only asset.

When conservative activists hold his feet to the fire over this huge debt, his excuse is most of it was to pay legal fees to defend numerous lawsuits against our party. We have these lawsuits in the first place because Chad Connelly screwed up royally on his main job. The state chairman of the party is supposed to understand the legal requirements for candidates to file for office. The state chairman, or his paid Executive Director, are supposed to be sure GOP chairmen in all 46 counties know how to file the paperwork correctly. Chad Connelly did not have a clue, the paid Executive Director was either incompetent, or did not give a $#!+ and as a result over 200 candidates filed wrong and had their names taken off the ballot.

Next, Chad Connelly certified the LOSER of a Republican primary election as the winner. This is really giving the voters the old middle finger. He told us he would run things with an iron fist and the stupid voters and Republican Party activists could just go suck eggs.

When we got to the state convention last month Chad Connelly figured out his strongest opposition would come from his opponent’s home county. So, he had our delegation put in the back of the convention floor even though we are the largest delegation in the state. Even worse, our seats were in three separate sections that were not next to each other, furthermore, they were unmarked! Fortunately several of our conservative activists here in Greenville County figured out where we were supposed to sit. The floor microphones were all the way in the front of the stadium we were meeting in. Each time people from our delegation were at the microphone ready to speak, he had the microphones turned off.

Our county chairman is a feisty woman who has been a past state president of the Federation of Republican Women. She is a strong leader, unafraid to speak her mind. When she complained state chairman Chad Connelly was violating the state rules of the Republican Party, violating Robert’s Rules of Order, and railroading her county; the chairman threatened to have his security goons expel her from the convention! Chad Connelly ran the GOP state convention in 2013 just exactly like Joseph Stalin used to run Communist Party conventions in the old Soviet Union.

The Greenville County GOP Executive Committee made and seconded a resolution at our last county executive committee meeting to censure Chad Connelly for lying and cheating at the last state convention. More than 23 members of the executive committee have signed a letter to the county chairman to call a special meeting to pass this censure resolution. Under the rules, it could not be voted on the same night it was introduced; and we do not want to wait two months to censure this caricature of a buffoon! The censure resolution will go forward even though the state chairman has resigned his position.

A conservative activist in another county has a libel suit pending in court against Chad Connelly right now. Connelly accused the man of threatening him and his family, which is untrue. Connelly also compared the man to the terrorists who blew up the bombs in Boston just days after the incident there. Finally, Connelly had a handbill circulated with a vicious anti-Semitic diatribe on it and falsely accused the man of being the author of this hateful anti Jewish screed. The libel suit has withstood a motion to dismiss from Connelly’s lawyers and will be scheduled for trial.

There is some sad news for the Republican Party in all this. The Republican National Committee is hiring Chad Connelly for a paid job as chairman of Evangelical Outreach. The RNC must think Christians are really stupid? The other bad news? The paid Executive Director of the SC GOP that helped Chad Connelly screw up the primary filing, railroad the convention, and give the conservative base of the party the middle finger – was elected to replace Chad Connelly as the new state chairman of the SC GOP. We are in for another 18 months of misery and incompetence.

Next time you get a letter or E-mail from the Republican National Committee begging for money, remind them why conservatives are giving them the middle finger and no money.

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Hogwarts For Politics

Copyright © 2013 Dean Allen

The first week in February I was invited to accompany a prominent national tea party leader to Washington, D.C. for a school on Campaign Management. To be honest, I consider myself an expert on the subject and did not think there would be much I could learn. I agreed to go anyway for two reasons. Any political activist worth his salt knows the immense value of networking. There would be 100 students and 25 faculty members from all over the USA.
My other reason for agreeing to go was the reputation of the sponsoring organization, the Leadership Institute. As an alumni of a two day course the L. I. taught here in 2007, I wanted to visit the national headquarters, actually in the D.C. suburb of Arlington, VA, and see the operation first hand.
When you participate in a school at Morton Blackwell’s Leadership Institute, they only expect you to work a half a day. . . and they do not care which twelve hours it is! We were in class slightly before 9:00 AM and rarely got out of class before 9:00 PM, taking our meals in the classroom. On Wednesdays L. I. has a special breakfast program featuring some prominent conservative speaker. Thus on Wednesday we started at 7:30 AM. The Leadership Institute does far more than merely teach the nuts and bolts of politics; it is one of the iconic inner sanctums of the conservative movement. As an organization exempt from federal income taxation pursuant to § 501 (c)(3) of the IRS code, they are absolutely non partisan, but make no bones about being unabashedly conservative.
I have completed quite a few seminars over the last several decades and taught dozens of others myself. I have a lot of experience with public speaking and training people, most recently as the Brigade S-3 officer in the South Carolina State Guard for three years. I am well qualified to evaluate training methods and instructors. I was highly impressed with the Leadership Institute. Each staffer had a well defined role, had obviously rehearsed it, and the whole operation worked as smoothly as a fine watch.
I have dozens of friends who share my deep concerns for the future of our republic, we frequently talk politics. There is a clear difference when you listen to an experienced professional who does politics for a living. This was the faculty at L. I.
A very effective pedagogic method is to relate information about real campaigns that illustrates a particular subject or method. Hearing these inside stories from real campaigns of conservative candidates all over the country is fascinating. You become a vicarious part of those campaigns. I ended the week with 102 pages of hand written notes. I will not attempt to summarize the material presented, other than to say it covered every phase of a campaign from thinking about starting, all the way through to the victory party on election night.
For the better part of a week we were completely immersed in the political process and surrounded by like minded conservatives. Since 1979 the Leadership Institute has trained about 120,000 conservative activists. Many of those L.I. alumni have gone on to become elected officials, serving in congress, state legislatures, and even in the parliaments of 13 foreign countries! The hallways inside the Stephen P. J. Wood building are adorned with the photo’s of many of those graduates who are now public servants. Thousands of other L.I. grads have gone on to become full time campaign professionals or have joined the staff of various elected officials, conservative think tanks, and non-profit organizations. L.I. has its own unique culture that must be experienced to be understood.
The quality of all the people at L. I. is outstanding but several of these really stood out for various reasons. One of these was Stephen Sutton who taught some excellent classes and related a number of interesting stories about campaigns he has worked on. That’s not why he stood out. After each hour of instruction, we took a short break. The classrooms are on the third floor of the five story Stephen P. J. Wood building. When you get off the elevator on the 3rd floor there is a reception area dominated by a large wooden table.
Mr. Sutton places stacks of books by various well known conservative authors on that table. He encouraged each student to take any title he wanted, and as many copies of any particular title as the student wanted. I thought about gleefully shouting “Free books!” but as a conservative who understands economics, I knew nothing is ever free. One of the young Ron Paul supporters in our class explained the concept very well. He said “When someone gets something he did not pay for; someone else has to pay for something he did not get.” That about sums it up. So, how does the Leadership Institute give away free books?
L. I. classes are a very good value for the nominal cost involved. In addition to being exposed to 25 or more very sharp faculty members, the school includes your meals. Great if you like Chic-Fil-A or pizza. Also included is rather spartan housing in the basement of the Stephen P. J. Wood Building. That saves us out of town students the expense of a hotel room which I am told in considerable all over the Washington, D.C. area.
The Leadership Institute is able to provide so much value at modest prices because most of the faculty are unpaid volunteers, several of whom are L.I. alumni themselves. L. I. also has a broad base of financial support from thousands of donors all over America and the world. I am writing this blog, at least in part, to send a very sincere thank you to those faculty members who have enriched my life and those donors whom I will probably never meet.
In any event, Stephen Sutton became my instant buddy once I discovered he gave away books at no additional cost to me. It gets even better. There was a book about the tea party movement, written by former Congressman Dick Armey. Stephen Sutton said take as many copies of that book as you want. We will give you all the copies you ask for. Several students took stacks of the book. I took two cases of the book. Not to be outdone, the tea party leader traveling with me took three cases.
The Campaign Management School is a 12 hour a day intensive seminar, but it is also much more. It was really 24 hour a day immersion in the subject because I lived with the other students in quarters that resembled a military barracks, including a day room, and common shared latrines. (Bathrooms for you civilians.) We spent every waking hour together, quickly forming lasting friendships. When you take the course, which I strongly recommend, bring a big stack of your business cards and plan to leave with those of 100 or so new friends.
The course included a couple of hours from several different speakers who owned direct mail companies and explained how direct mail solicitations work. We have all received direct mail solicitations. Did you ever wonder why they are all written in a similar manner? We had dozens of questions about every aspect of a direct mail appeal. Each time we asked how something worked, we were told basically “I have no idea how it works, we just know it does.” We asked how you knew this or that particular thing worked? We got the same answer over and over “Because we tested it.” One of the keys to effective direct mail is constant testing.
There is an old axiom, money is the mother’s milk of politics, nothing is harder than raising money. . . or more important. L. I. offers a wide variety of training courses. The first week in March I was back in Arlington, VA for the very intense four day Comprehensive Fund raising School.
This time there were no free books but I was renewing old friendships with other students, faculty, employees and interns. There were also a lot of new students and additional faculty members.
The fund raising school follows a dual track. Some methods are oriented to raising money for non-profit organizations, while the other portion was devoted to political campaign fund raising. The political money is tougher to raise. There are contribution limits on who may give, how much they may give, and it must be done in a much shorter period of time, a year or less – sometimes in just a few months. It is also more difficult to raise money for a challenger; particularly a challenger who is opposing an incumbent in a GOP primary.
Organizational fund raising has a lot of similarities to political fund raising There are two big differences, there is no time limit on funding an organization. Your goal is to develop relationships with the donors supporting your cause. Then deepen and strengthen those relationships on an ongoing basis over the rest of your lifetime. In some cases those relationships will end only when the donor has left a portion of his estate to your cause at the time of his death.
The other big difference is the ability of non-profit organizations to do prospecting to build a house list. A political campaign cannot afford to do any mailing that does not immediately bring in more than it cost to send out. Organizations, on the other hand, may prospect getting donations, but possibly not enough donations, to cover the entire cost of sending out the appeal. The L. I. faculty explained, those who contribute to your cause become part of the growing house list of your organization.
You prospect to grow this house list. Then you will mail to this house list, usually several times a year, for the lifetime of the donors on the list. Over time, those donors will make repeated contributions and as your relationship develops with them, the dollar amounts of those donations will also increase. Organizations have years to develop those relationships where political campaigns do not.
As someone who has made donations to candidates and causes over a lifetime, and raised funds for them, I am fascinated with every aspect of political direct mail. It was interesting to see 50 or more examples of various direct mail appeals that have been sent out over the years – and to speak with the folks who actually wrote and used those appeals. It was great to be able to ask questions of someone who has raised millions of dollars for candidates and causes just like those I support.
Other fund raising methods were covered in detail as well, including various Internet based methods, and staging political events. My own interest is focused like a laser right now on political direct mail. Once again, one faculty member stood out from all the others who were very good. She was Mrs. Tammy Cali, the Chief Operating Officer at Bruce Eberle & Associates. Eberle has a client list that runs from Ronald Reagan to Herman Cain. They have raised over three billion dollars for conservative candidates and causes in the last thirty years.
I sat on the front row, took notes – lots of notes – and asked questions. . . uh huh, lots of questions. Then after class, I followed up with instructors asking even more questions in private. I had a strong interest in Eberle & Associates. Since they are one of the oldest and clearly the most successful, I had to know all about how they operated. Tammy Cali suggested I attend the International School of Fund raising two weeks later in London, England. This was in part because the owner of the company, Mr. Bruce Eberly and his wife would each be teaching at that international school. I liked the idea but did not have the slightest idea how I would get to England, I had done well to come to Arlington, VA twice in as many months. I did have a burning desire to know more about fund raising.
The last speaker of the school in Arlington was Mr. Miguel Moreno, who heads up the International Division of the Leadership Institute. He spoke with just the slightest hint of an Hispanic accent that told me English was not his native tongue even though his English was flawless. Miguel described the International Fund raising School. He covered the impressive resumes of the faculty, and painted a glowing picture of the campus of Wellington College outside London, England. Fund raising is not simply an academic exercise for me or for the L. I. faculty. I told Mr. Moreno I wanted to attend some day. He informed me that “some day” would be in two weeks and it was possible for me to attend, in part because of a generous scholarship I had just been awarded on the spot. With a deal like that, I committed to use my new fund raising skills and raised the money for my trip – thanks in part to the generous assistance of some donors here in South Carolina.
I am deeply grateful to Miguel Moreno and to the donors, both L.I.’s and my own, who made my participation in the International School of Fund raising possible. Morton Blackwell is noted for saying “You can’t save the world if you can’t first pay the rent.” The Leadership Institute has taught me that lack of money is simply a lack of being organized and a lack of asking for the right things, at the right time, in the right manner, and from the right people.
Unless you are independently wealthy, there is no more important skill than political fund raising The last week in March, I was off to merry old England for the International School of Fund raising
Harry Potter fans will be delighted to know, there is a very real Hogwarts. . . it is Wellington College, about thirty miles southwest of London, England. Established in 1859 by Queen Victoria, the college is named in honor of Arthur Wellesley, the First Duke of Wellington. The Iron Duke as he was known, rose through the ranks to become the youngest non-royal Field Marshall in the British Army by 1813, at the age of 44. Commanding British, Dutch and German forces, he defeated Napoleon at Waterloo in 1815 and was subsequently twice the Prime Minister of England.
Wellington College was established to educate the orphans of British officers killed in combat. Many of these went on to the nearby Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst – the British equivalent of our West Point. Eventually Wellington College became an exclusive, that is to say expensive, boarding school for the sons of the British upper class. In 2005 it became fully co-educational.
The International Fund raising School has been held annually at Wellington for the past five years. If you have never been to Wellington College. . . put it on your bucket list! If you are passionate about art, sculpture, history, architecture, landscaping, culture or politics, you will not be disappointed.
I missed the coke machine and the Chic-Fil-A available at the Wood building in Arlington, the quarters at Wellington were better and the English food was interesting and plentiful. The lights in the bathrooms were activated by motion detectors and there were no light switches. That was really nice except for those occasions when you were in the middle of a shower and the lights went off. I can also assure my gentle readers Global Warming definitely has not yet reached England. I left Wellington College on April first and there was still some unmelted snow on the ground.
The Leadership Institute once again brought together an impressive student body from 24 countries, including about a dozen who were Members of Parliament from their respective countries. I met an English lawyer who specializes in defending what we in the United States would call First Amendment rights. He assured me the English do not enjoy this right we take for granted. I met the newly elected president of Conservative Future. With over 15,000 members, Conservative Future, the youth organization of the Conservative Party is the largest youth organization in the country.
One young lady at the conference explained she worked in a public library in Kazakhstan. I donated a copy of my book Rattlesnake Revolution to that library. The young man who translated the presentations into Spanish in real time is originally from Peru, we are now friends. A lawyer who fights corruption in Lagos, Nigeria, took home a copy of my book, we are now friends. Other students were with non-profit charitable organizations and ministries. These included pro-life organizations in six countries.
I met a man who is a principal in a major New York public relations firm. When I gave him a copy of my book over lunch, I had no idea he specialized in marketing and promotion of conservative authors. He is now working hard to make me a celebrity and my books best sellers.
The faculty was as impressive as the student body. I have already mentioned Bruce Eberle. Others included the former chairman of the California Republican Party; and, of course, there was Morton Blackwell. Morton teaches a class very few people in the world are able to teach. In just under two hours, he can show you how to create and use a fund raising appeal that is guaranteed to work. This is from a man who has raised over a hundred million dollars during his lifetime. Rather than summarize his presentation and fail to do it justice; I simply recommend you attend the school.
I titled this essay Hogwarts for Politics for a reason. When I read the very first Harry Potter novel years ago, I was amazed at the fertile imagination of author J. K. Rowling. Among other innovations were the four houses at Hogwarts. Once I took the grand tour of Wellington College, I realized the college was indeed divided into houses. Only there were not four houses at Wellington, there are seventeen!
Upon entering the campus to register we pass through a huge gate covered by an archway. This leads to an ornate courtyard, or quadrangle, about half the size of a football field. There you are surrounded on all sides by busts, statues, portraits and even a few Gargoyles. Crossing this courtyard, you enter the Great Hall, which is part of the original 1859 construction. Inside the Great Hall are several giant oil paintings including one of the Duke of Wellington leading troops at Waterloo. There are portraits of a dozen famous generals and a few prime ministers all either with connections to the Iron Duke, or to the college.
Directly across from the main entrance on the far wall is a large display case containing the actual black cape Wellington wore at Waterloo and the sword he carried. There was another feature of the decorations in the great hall that was not immediately understood. There were huge wooden doors attached to the walls at intervals. Each pair of these doors were considerably larger than a regular door to enter a room. Each bore the name in gilded letters of one of the houses at Wellington College.
I opened several of these pairs of doors to see what was behind them. I saw they covered posters listing the names of some of the alumni from those houses. Each name was followed by a date such as 1912 or 1935. There was nothing to tell me about those names so I closed the doors, finished my registration and proceeded to my quarters. There was no Sorting Hat but the powers that be had put me in the Orange house for the duration of my stay. Orange was a modern structure built in the 1970′s. The meaning of those names on the walls in the Great Hall would be explained to me later.
I learned each of those names, almost 1,000 in all, were the alumni of that particular house at Wellington who were killed in WW II. I was stunned there were so many. The date after each name was the year he graduated from Wellington and some of them were quite young. Not all the deaths were on far away battlefields in France, Germany or North Africa. Wellington College was bombed by the Germans several times during WW II and the Headmaster was killed in one of those air raids. He had just led a group of students to the safety of a bomb shelter, and was heading back across the campus when he was killed.
I have been a life member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars for forty-four years, three of those as the elected Grand (state) Chaplain for South Carolina. I have participated in numerous Veterans Day memorial services over those 44 years on November 11th. I was reminded at Wellington, November 11th is not an exclusively American holiday. Our British cousins continue to solemnly commemorate Armistice Day too. I was told one of the most impressive of these memorial services is held at Wellington College. I hope to be able to attend one of those services in the future.
Our classroom most of the time was a converted gymnasium where we sat behind long tables. The faculty stood on a raised stage at the far end of the gym. I soon fell in the habit of drinking two and sometimes three 750 ML bottles of Glenlivit each day. A friend asked how I could drink three bottles of Glenlivit a day and still function? Glenlivit does distill some of the best single malt scotch on the planet. My friend was unaware Glenlivit also sells water, and sparkling water, in bottles very similar to those that hold their good whiskey. As I said, the Leadership institute culture must be experienced to be appreciated.
We had students and faculty from four continents, most of the folks in the room learned English as a second language and we were in a foreign country. In spite of these things the school was conducted in English with Spanish translations available for anyone who wanted to wear the earphones provided.
More importantly American political regulations and tax laws have driven and shaped how fund raising grew to maturity in the USA. In much of the rest of the world our tradition of private fund raising for charitable causes never developed. Many countries in Latin America do not have home delivery of mail, which would present quite a challenge to an American style direct mail campaign.
What fund raising professionals have found to work in every culture and in any language is having a clear and defined mission, a detailed budget, qualified management, transparency and accountability that measures the result achieved. Those principles apply all over the world. So too do basics like asking for the money and thanking and acknowledging donors.
The weather was cold, I was told unseasonably cold. Wellington College did not waste a lot of money heating buildings, jet lag is tough on us middle aged folks, and long hours, day after day, are hard work. This was definitely no vacation – all that said, this was one of the most informative seminars I have ever attended. I learned a huge amount about the fine points of high dollar fund raising.
I will definitely be back at Wellington College next year. I now know how to raise money and I have already obtained some clients. Yes, Harry Potter fans, Hogworts is very real. . . the last week in March each year, very real magic happens within its hallowed halls.

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Free Tacos & Tequila on Tuesday!

By Dean Allen
Copyright © 2012 All Rights Reserved

Conservatives are being told we lost the 2012 presidential election because we are not catering to the ‘Hispanic’ voting bloc. The story goes we were making great progress with George W. Bush, then the tea party and other manifestations of conservative resurgence, sidelined the
Republican love affair with the Mexican vote.

Notice I switched from ‘Hispanic,’ to Mexican, in the paragraph above. It is common to refer to an ‘Hispanic’ voting bloc, or to a Latino voting bloc, both of which assume anyone with Spanish heritage and some shade of brown skin is part of a monolithic bloc which may, or even must, be catered to. In reality this is highly inaccurate. There are two politically distinct groups, wrongly lumped together as ‘Hispanics.’
There are the Cubans, and the Mexicans. Cubans consistently vote Republican in very large numbers. In 1980, Ronald Reagan got only 22% of the total ‘Hispanic’ vote. However, he got 80% of the Cuban-American vote.

Non-Cuban Hispanics, i.e. Mexicans, vote in just as large numbers for any Democrat. Why do Cubans and Mexicans vote differently? They choose to be either Democrats, or Republicans, for the same reasons citizens of other races make similar choices. They tend to vote for self interests, particularly economic self interest.

Historically what we now call the ‘Hispanic’ demographic was composed mostly of Mexicans and Puerto Ricans with just a smattering of folks from other Latin American countries. They were largely poor, uneducated, and worked in agriculture. Mexicans were less than 2% of the U.S. population in 1950. Almost none of them were registered to vote. When they did bother to vote, they voted the same way other poorly educated blacks and whites from the lower socio-economic strata voted… they were, and remain today, Democrats.

Prior to 1960 the Mexican vote, later to be known as ‘Hispanic,’ was so insignificant there were no records kept on what percent of the votes for president were cast by Mexicans. The available statistics for 1952 and 1956 mention only the white and non-white vote totals, lumping the small Mexican vote in with the black vote. In 1952 Dwight D. Eisenhower, a popular moderate Republican, received only 37% of the non-white vote.

In 1960 two things happened to change the historic insignificance of the Mexican vote. John F. Kennedy made a special effort to appeal for their votes. It paid off handsomely, Kennedy carried 85% of the Mexican vote nation wide and 91% of the Mexican vote in Texas. The other game changing event was Castro assuming power in Cuba on February 16, 1959. This caused growing numbers of wealthy, well educated, Cuban businessmen to leave the now communist island and migrate permanently to the United States.

Pundits on the left always want to give the GOP advice. That advice is as boringly consistent as it is wrong. The advice is for Republicans to abandon the principles and platform planks that make us different from the Democrat Party. These pundits want Republicans to become just like the Democrats. That advice is great for the liberal agenda, bad for Republicans, and bad for America.

There is a reason folks on the left end of the political spectrum want to give us this advice – they know it does not work! The absurd advice currently making the rounds is the claim Republicans lost the election because we did not get enough ‘Hispanic’ votes. We are told we urgently need an ‘outreach’ program to appeal to the monolithic ‘Hispanic’ voting bloc as a group.

As noted above the Latino voting group is not homogenous, rather consisting of liberal Mexicans and conservative Cubans. Republicans have never appealed, and should never appeal, to groups rather than individuals. We are the party of principles, and ideals, we appeal to individuals, irrespective of race, who happen to agree with our principles. Our appeal is to voters who love freedom, believe in free enterprise, hold traditional moral values, support peace through strength, and want to be left alone as much as possible by the federal government.

Our critics advise us to abandon the appeal to principles, replacing it with a promise of group goodies. The Democrat Party already offers and supports thousands of pie-in-the-sky programs designed to steal from the successful and dump unearned benefits on the indolent. How are Republicans to compete? Are we supposed to try to out-give the Democrats? Will we support even more programs to throw away hard earned money? If so, what can we offer as we pander to Hispanics? Perhaps free tacos and tequila on Tuesdays? Yes, that is an absurd, condescending, proposal. So is all blatant pandering based upon race and skin color.

The proponents of such shameless pimping claim it is a demographic imperative. We simply must abandon our historic appeal to principles and pander… even grovel, or we will lose the growing Mexican vote. The assumption is, Republicans must have the Mexican vote to win.

There is a fly in that ointment. Republicans have never, ever, carried a majority of the Mexican vote. Over the last 60 years we have won and lost presidential elections – always without the Mexican vote. We did not just suddenly start losing ‘Hispanic’ – that is to say Mexican – votes because of principled stands on immigration. We need to be clear about what we are being asked to abandon, it is support for the rule of law. If we ever start down that road, we will no longer be Republicans.

Democrats have always carried the Mexican vote by comfortable majorities. In 1952 and 1956 Eisenhower got only 37% of the ‘non-white’ vote. he won anyway…twice. In 1960 JFK got 85% of the Mexican vote – 91% in Texas. In 1964 LBJ got 90% of the Mexican vote nation wide. In 1968 Democrat Hubert H. Humphrey did almost as well with 87% of the Mexican vote. With all those Mexican votes, Humphrey still lost the election to Richard Nixon. In 1972 Nixon won another landslide, in spite of getting only 30% of the Mexican vote. In 1976 Jimmy Carter got 82% of the Mexican vote. He lost to Ronald Reagan four years later, even though Reagan got only 22% of the ‘Hispanic’ vote, almost all from anti-communist Cubans. Four years later Reagan managed to up his ‘Hispanic’ vote to just 34.8%, once again 82% of those votes were from Cubans. Reagan got stomped hard among Mexican voters both times, and still won national landslides. In 1988 Michael Dukakis got a whopping 70.15% of the ‘Hispanic’ vote as he lost to George H. W. Bush. In 1992 Bill Clinton won the general election even though his ‘Hispanic” vote was only 61%, low for a Democrat. Four years later Clinton was re-elected with 71% of the ‘Hispanic’ vote.

Clearly, the Democrats have been carrying the Mexican vote by wide margins for the last 60 years! More specifically the Democrats carry the MEXICAN vote by a wide margin, while the GOP carries the CUBAN vote with similar landslides.

So what happened differently in 2012? Absolutely nothing! The Democrat nominee carried the MEXICAN vote as usual, Mitt Romney carried the CUBAN vote by a comfortable margin. This boringly predictable result did not affect the outcome of the election.

Free tacos and tamales on Thursdays? Nah… I believe the Grand Old Party needs to continue its appeal to individuals, not groups. We need to continue to offer the winning message of more freedom, less government, peace through strength, lower taxes and a vibrant growing economy. Ronald Reagan was absolutely right, a rising tide really does lift all boats. We simply need to appeal to all AMERICANS on our track record as the party best able to cause that rising tide.

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There are no shortcuts to victory!

By Dean Allen
Copyright © 2012 All Rights Reserved

From time to time someone comes along with a really bad political suggestion. One that will be a disaster for our Republic if large numbers of people fall for it. Many such ideas originate on the left end of the political spectrum. Regrettably there are also some very poor ideas that start among folks who describe themselves as conservatives and libertarians.
          In the case of those on the far left, it is a matter of being right or wrong, and the left is simply wrong – about practically everything. With bad ideas from the conservative end of the spectrum, it is not a matter of the perpetrators being wrong, so much as totally inexperienced, and clueless about how to actually have a positive effect on public policy.
         Thus, at times, amateurs who are supposed to be on our side, are a bigger impediment to success than our enemies on the political left. In almost every case the poor ideas result, not from malice, but painfully obvious inexperience.
Inexperienced, but well meaning, amateurs are not allowed to perform brain surgery, try criminal cases, or fly jet airliners… and for very good reasons. Sadly, there is no requirement for anyone to have demonstrated any level of political competence before proposing some hairbrained scheme as a workable shortcut to solve a serious political problem.
         In many cases, the folks they are ineptly leading, are just as clueless. There are definite things that work – and others which do not work – in the political sphere, as in any other structured scientific discipline. When a well meaning amateur, with a really dumb idea, happens to be an articulate true believer with lots of money in his pockets, he is capable of misguiding large numbers of people, thereby setting back the progress of the conservative movement.
        Fortunately, there are ways to identify the basic mistakes made by those who do not understand our American system of government. There are four components to proposals they put forward as simple solutions to complex problems. Those four components are cynicism, paranoia, impatience, and the bull-in-a-china-shop syndrome.
        The new fellows on the block always cook up some scheme to get things done right now, today, before it is too late. They will invariably say “This year is completely different.” Or, perhaps, “things have changed now and this is our last chance before it is too late.” The words conventional wisdom are an anathema to this crowd. Their mantra is, we all have to rush out and do something this year that has never worked in the past, because things are completely different this year and time is running out.
“Things are so bad now, if we don’t win this election, it may be the last election we will ever have.” Do you remember the first time you ever heard someone say those words? I can clearly remember the first time I heard “If Goldwater does not win, it is all over!” that was in 1962.
         Over the next fifty years, I would hear the same things said about George Wallace, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Jesse Helms, Jack Kemp, George W. Bush and even Ron Paul, among dozens of others.
Every election truly is important. Elections do have serious consequences. But the brand new folks getting involved for the very first time always say ‘This time everything is different.” and “Everything that worked in the past does not apply any more!” The reason cited may change from decade to decade, but for over fifty years I have watched the new guys, who do not understand how things work, saying “Things are different this year.” In reality, the only thing different is the new guy has decided he suddenly wants to play at politics and he has no clue what the rules are, or how things get done, and… he always wants to start at the top.
My advice to these folks? Go directly to major league sports and tell the owners you want to start right out in the playoffs. Explain how you can figure out whether to wear a football helmet, or not, after you get your first Super Bowl ring. After all, you don’t really need to learn the rules of the game, much less practice, because “everything is completely different this year and all that old stuff no longer matters.”
         A few years ago, a well meaning new guy sat down and wrote a book about politics, even though he had never been involved in the process, and knew less than nothing about his subject. His ambitious project was to fire all 435 members of Congress and replace each member with a man on the street who also knew nothing about politics. Even more astoundingly, he was going to do it outside both political parties by petitioning for non-partisan candidates who agreed not to raise any money! This was his cynical prescription for wiping out corruption, and curbing special interest influence in Washington, D.C. He told all our Congressmen to “Get Out Of Our House!” and adopted an acronym for the phrase, GOOOH, as the title of his book, and the name of his movement.
I was given a copy of the GOOOH book by excited local groupies and invited to hear the author speak at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Afterwards, the local organizer asked me what I thought of the GOOOH movement? I replied “It is pure horse manure, and the author is an idiot!” Because of my blunt, and totally correct, assessment of the GOOOH movement, the local organizer called me a RINO for the next couple of years. They called me a RINO even though I was a Youth Chairman for Barry Goldwater and ran Ronald Reagan’s successful GOTV operations in Galveston county, Texas.
         When all was said and done, the GOOOH movement did not elect one single congressman to any district in the whole nation. More importantly, they did not succeed in even getting a single candidate on the ballot for congress by petition anywhere in America. I do not suffer fools gladly and I have not been bashful about saying “I told you so!”
        Now, there are some self-anointed tea party leaders going around making speeches about the need for a “non-partisan” organization. That too is horse manure! When his followers finally see it is horse manure, I am going to say once again “I told you so!” Saving our republic is hard work. If you don’t have my fifty years experience fighting in the trenches, you probably need to get a degree in political science from a respected university. Those of you who are not looking for an easy shortcut can expect to see me beside you in the trenches, once again, this coming February, when we are going to be doing the hard work of REPUBLICAN precinct reorganization. The battle is not always glamorous, but it is necessary to do it correctly, if we are going to defend freedom for ourselves and our posterity.

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The End of The World!

By Dean Allen

Copyright © 2012 All Rights Reserved


Once again we lived through a predicted end of the world. December 21, 2012 has arrived and departed. The Mayan long count calendar petered out. The planets aligned with the center of the galaxy – or what ever. There were no more earthquakes and volcanoes than usual. Nothing important sank into the sea. Aliens did not descend from our skies in flying saucers, and the government did not lock us away in FEMA camps.


In my 1998 book, FREEDOM 2000, I wrote the much-predicted Y2K catastrophe was going to be “a real speed bump in the parking lot of life.” We now know that computers can handle dates past December 31, 1999 just fine [they always could] and the ancient Mayans were completely wrong about the world ending yesterday.


Why do I belabor the obvious? Because, there is another dire prediction looming for ten days from now. We have seen that otherwise sane people tend to buy into the hype surrounding some events. We are being told on TV, unless Republicans cave in completely to the Democrats, raise taxes, raise the debt ceiling, and continue to spend even more borrowed money; there will be a great “fiscal cliff” we are all going to plunge over.


I am here to tell you the so-called “fiscal cliff” is just as phony as the Mayans and the Y2K nonsense were. Here’s the difference. If you were gullible enough to buy into the Y2K predictions, you bought a new computer you probably needed anyway. Some of you even bought a garage full of canned food that took you a couple of years to eat. If you bought into the Mayan end-of-the-world prophecy, you now look pretty dumb to all your friends. Noting but your ego was harmed by a silly idea.


Buy into the “fiscal cliff” on December 31, 2012 and the nation’s economy and even our national security will be harmed. Here’s the scam in a nutshell. There is a law on the books that says three things automatically happen if there is no budget compromise by the end of this year. There will be massive cuts to the pentagon budget, equal cuts to welfare spending, and the Bush tax cuts all expire. When those tax cuts expire, we revert to higher rates for everyone.


I am very eager for America to get on over that proverbial fiscal cliff so we can regroup at the bottom of it and start saving our economy. Here is a bit of Political Science 101 for all those of you who have not made government the passion of your life: The constitution of the United States says ALL bills to raise revenue must originate in the House of Representatives, and they all must pass with a majority vote in the House of Representatives!


Guess who has a comfortable majority in the House of Representatives? The Republicans – that’s who! What does this mean in the real world? It means the federal government of the United States cannot spend one red cent on anything, unless and until, a majority of the House of Representatives votes to approve the expenditure. Period.


Yep, we the Republicans have the votes, all by ourselves, to stop the insane borrowing and the orgy of federal spending. We don’t have to win a majority of the Senate or elect a Republican president in order to put the brakes on spending. All we have to do – as Nancy Reagan once said about drug use – is to just say no.


To spend money, it is necessary for the House or Representatives to pass a bill, the Senate to pass the same bill, and the president to sign the bill. The approval of all three groups is REQUIRED to spend money. However, the House of Representatives alone may simply refuse to agree to spend money and it does not happen.


All we have to do is get on over that imaginary fiscal cliff, so we can start some real world negotiating. Yes the Bush era tax cuts will expire immediately. Yes, we need all of them extended, including those on folks making over $250K a year [the job creators] and the Democrats are going to have to go along with us. Why do they have to go along with us?


Because the constitution gives the House of Representatives, that is to say, the Republicans, the power of the purse. Let them threaten not to approve our tax bill next year. Do the Democrats want to see us stop foreign aid completely? Do they want to see us de-fund food stamps? Can they live with no farm subsidies to the multi-million dollar agribusiness corporations that grow our food? Will they be happy with no highway bill? Are they going to foam at the mouth if we completely refuse to fund the Department of Education? Do they think the bureaucrats at the EPA will work for nothing if we refuse to authorize paychecks?


We are currently borrowing 46% of every dollar the federal government spends. Our nation is over $16,000,000,000,000.00 in debt. The Democrats want to raise the debt limit again and again, making the “limit” just about meaningless. If all the sewers in your neighborhood backed up and you found your living room full of sewage, would you raise the ceiling or pump out the sewage?


Don’t worry about the fiscal cliff. Worry about whether your Congressman has both a brain and a backbone. I am telling my Congressman I want to get on over that cliff and stop the insane federal spending. Want something real to worry about? The federal government of the United States is paying $831 million in interest on borrowed money every single day, and 15% of our sovereign debt instruments are held by the red Chinese. To paraphrase James Carville – It’s the stupid spending!

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Catastrophe in Connecticut

By Dean Allen Copyright © 2012 All Rights Reserved

We suffered another mass shooting in America today As a parent myself, I am deeply saddened by what happened, and sympathize with the families of the dead and wounded.

Naturally the man from Kenya rushed forward to issue a public statement from the White House, he said Americans are going to have to put politics aside and do something about the situation. The adage of the Democrat Party is to never waste a good crisis. They believe almost anything, especially anything this tragic, can be turned into an opportunity to push hard for more government power and less individual freedom.

As we put politics aside, let’s look at what happened in Connecticut and ask ourselves if there really are things we, as a society, can do better in an effort to prevent more tragedies like today’s murder of 20 kindergarten children? Predictably, those on the far left will once again call for more laws to ban private ownership of firearms. Would so called gun control laws help prevent a situation like this one? The answer is obvious, we have hundreds of laws regulating firearms already on the books and they did nothing at all to stop todays atrocity.

When a person is so depraved he kills his own mother, and plans to kill himself, there is simply zero, nada, zilch, that he cares if he is also violating firearms laws in the process! He violated laws against premeditated first degree murder – 27 times -  against carrying a firearm on school property, against discharging a firearm on school property, and probably dozens of other laws as well. The penalties for violation of these laws are just plain meaningless to a man planning to kill himself in the process. Surely, any reasonable person can see that if there had been any number of additional gun confiscation laws on the books, and the penalties for violating those laws were severe, possibly even the death penalty – this evil person would not have been deterred even for a moment.

I can really think of only one change to the firearms laws that might have saved lives if it had been in force this morning. That would be to require all adult school employees, including teachers and administrators, to obtain a concealed carry permit and pack heat when they are on school property. 

If each of the six adults who were killed this morning had been armed and trained in the use of the firearm and were required to carry on the job, would it have saved lives? We cannot answer that question definitively. Would a specific teacher be tough enough to use his or her gun? Some would not be, even as they watched children being gunned down. If even one of those six adults had opened fire on the evil man as soon as he drew his weapon, it is possible twenty six victims would be alive tonight.

I started to write about the shooter being a “crazy” man. The fact is, I do not know if he was crazy or not. I am not a psychiatrist and there is nothing available to the public right now to make any determination as to whether he was mentally impaired, and if so, in what manner. Thus I refrain from calling him crazy.

However, I do have enough facts to determine clearly that he was evil. Anyone who shoots down kindergarten age children is evil. Right now, America wants two questions answered: What caused this man to be so evil, and is there anything we can do about it to prevent more people from becoming similarly evil in the future? We already know gun control/confiscation laws are useless to stop  this horror. We also know requiring adult school employees to carry concealed, unless they have conscientious objections, would be very difficult to get done in the current political environment.

So what causes such evil? How do we stop it if gun control laws don’t work? Again, the talking heads on the left want to examine the shooter’s childhood, and rush forward to make excuses for his awful behavior.

I am sorry, there simply is no excuse, nor should there ever be any acceptable excuse. There are however, cultural factors that contribute to a person being so depraved they have no regard for human life, not even their own or that of their own mothers. How does one become so insensitive to the value of life itself? What makes a person cold, hard, and totally evil inside?

I suggest we need to look at the degeneracy that oozes out of places like Hollywood. You don’t think your little boy would ever do something like this? Did you bother to look at the video “games” he plays where life is constantly snuffed out? Have you listened to the lyrics of the “songs” millionaire perverts are screaming at your children? Mr. Obama, America’s culture has died; there are now a whole generation of Americans walking around who do not understand Rap Lyrics about killing and killing, and killing, and killing, have desensitized the small brains of the folks who voted for you. Parents who allow children to play with video games where they role play cutting heads off are responsible for the actions of the little darlings who then go out and commit murder in cold blood.

To the parents of those who died today, you have my sincere sympathy and my continuing prayers on your behalf. To the parents who allow their children to listen to evil passing for music, and who allow children to role play killing indiscriminately, you are responsible for what happened today. Don’t wait for posturing politicians to pass new laws. Grow some gonads and start telling your children about some laws that have been around several thousand  years. There are only ten of them and you will find them starting in the 20th Chapter of the book of Exodus.

“I am the Lord thy God… thou shall have no other gods before me…

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Presidential Debate – Round One

by Dean Allen

It has been 28 years since the Republican Party nominated a candidate for president who could debate. Romney earned this year’s GOP nomination the old fashioned way – he raised a lot of money but mostly he convinced the hidebound establishment it was his turn this year. During the run up to the nomination there were no true debates but around two-dozen candidate’s forums. Romney came across not Teflon, so much as plastic. He said the right things but without enthusiasm or conviction. Mostly he was careful, wary, sly, and conservative only in the sense of not taking any chances. The Republican Party has only one living world-class debater – and it was never Mitt Romney. Many of us longed to see Speaker Gingrich eating Obama for breakfast in real debates.

Both the pollsters and the talking heads on the tube – even on FOX – have been saying ever since the atheist/communist love fest in Charlotte [a.k.a. the Democrat national convention] Mitt Romney is hopelessly behind. Romney is losing Hispanics, losing youth, losing women, has lost the 47% of Americans who pay no taxes, and he is trailing in every battleground state. Romney was failing to explain how the economy would be any different with him as president. When Romney made a correct observation about the murder of our Ambassador in Libya the media fried him for shooting from the hip before all the facts were in. In summary the media and the pollsters had Romney embalmed and ready to bury. One rosy scenario after another showcased Obama as a great communicator and predictions circulated of a 320 vote, Electoral College blowout – for Obama!

Romney went into the debate tonight largely unknown to most of the 50,000,000 people who watched this debate. These viewers had not followed all the primary forums and national conventions. They are the political equivalent of sports fans that don’t really follow the season, have a shallow knowledge of the game and only tune in at the last minute to watch the Super Bowl. If they had any preconceived image of Mitt Romney at all, it was a caricature of the real man. The artificially created perception was Romney way behind, and just going through the motions before losing as McCain and Dole had done before him.

Willard Mitt Romney was a man who came to this debate with low expectations, a bungled campaign, and the chattering classes in television land predicting the Messiah from Kenya would roll over the wooden, out-of-touch millionaire. Romney literally would have to pull off a miracle of debating skill and oratorical flourish just to stay alive in this campaign.

He did, Romney walked on water, spoke in tongues, healed a sick campaign and raised the Republican numbers in the Electoral College from the premature dead. Over and over Governor Romney caught the man from Kenya engaged in serial prevarication – and pointed it out to the viewers. The zinger moment of this debate came when a smiling Romney told a pouting Obama “You are entitled to your own airplane, your own house but not to your own facts!” Without coming across as harsh or strident Gov. Romney called the usurper of the presidency a liar to his face but without using the three letter word that earned Congressman Joe Wilson his fifteen minutes of fame a few years back.

When Romney was asked to be specific about what he would cut out of the federal budget, the Governor replied “I will look at every federal expenditure and ask is this so important we need to borrow money from China to pay for it?”

Perhaps most importantly, Romney came across as presidential. This was never clearer than the half dozen times he took charge of the event from the obviously partisan moderator and replied to some Obama distortion – always calmly and with facts, figures and logic.

Obama used the phrase “make investments” at least two dozen times as a euphemism for wasteful government spending. Obama was never throwing money at problems but instead “making investments” to solve those problems. Obama threw red meat to all the key far-left constituencies of the Democrat party. He will develop oddball energy technologies and hire 100K math and science teachers.

In his 1939 novel 1984 George Orwell coined the word doublespeak for a type of language where the clear meaning of words and phrases were distorted to confuse people about what was really going on. This is a specialty of economists on the far left and Barack Hussein Obama has raised the practice to an art form. I have rechristened the practice commiespeak. In commiespeak you talk about “how to pay for” things you are not buying. You also talk about the “cost” of tax cuts. I wanted to reach inside the TV screen, choke Obama, and say you stupid, lying S.O.B., there is not any “cost” associated with tax cuts; it is a savings! You don’t “pay” for savings, you benefit from them.

Romney showed up for the game, as the player who was supposed to be under pressure and had to perform, or his lackluster campaign would be dead. The Governor did not merely hit the ball out of the park… it is now in low earth orbit.

Romney is not in the league with Ronald Reagan or Newt Gingrich and he never will be but…  Obama is still trying to figure out how he can send in Clint Eastwood’s empty chair as his surrogate in the next debate. At least Eastwood’s empty chair had it’s own teleprompter.

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Why Do Moslems Murder?

Copyright © 2012 By Dean Allen
All Rights Reserved

“It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace– but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

Patrick Henry
March 23, 1775

Americans to the far left have a rather irritating skill they have honed to a fine art form. They regularly apologize to and make excuses for, our enemies.

When a reasonable person sees some barbaric act take place they are outraged, angry and want justice done to the perpetrators. That is the rational common sense response of a civilized person adhering to a code of morality. One definition of insanity is the inability to discern between right and wrong. In order to discern between right and wrong, we must first recognize that right and wrong exist as absolutes, which may be clearly defined.

When, as happened this past September 11th, Arabic Moslems invade our embassy, tear down our flag, start fires, destroy property, rape and murder our Ambassador and desecrate his dead body that is a very clear example of wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

A reasonable, rational and moral person, that is to say a conservative, looks at these facts and says “What should we do about this?” In contrast, an insane person, one unable to discern there is a clear right and wrong, will make an excuse for the evil doer. They either ask “What caused them to act that way?” Or, in the alternative, actually put forward some supposed defense as the ‘cause’ of the vile acts of the evil doer.

Two things about this tendency of liberals to rush forward with an excuse are important. First and foremost, there absolutely is no excuse for this sort of action. No sane rational person will accept any excuse for trespass, theft, vandalism, kidnapping, rape, murder, and desecration of bodies. To the moral person, there can never be any reason or justification for such actions. The idea somehow there might be some justification for this is about as offensive as the acts themselves. To proffer any excuse is de facto to condone, and thereby to encourage, future actions of the mobs.

Second, the excuse offered is almost never the real reason the actions were undertaken. In this latest incident, like similar disgusting episodes in the past, the excuse offered is some real or imaginary insult to the “prophet” Mohammed, the “holy” Koran, or the religion of Islam. The leftie apologists for the insanity of Islam want to simply cross their fingers, say ‘King’s X boys, don’t be so judgmental’ and we are supposed to give the murdering Moslems yet another pass on being held responsible for recidivism.

Let’s be very clear about what happened and why. The causes of these felonious acts of war were not insults to Islam, nor can an insult to Islam, or anything else for that matter, be any justification for perpetrating the inexcusable!

With that important caveat out of the way, why did the Islamic terrorists in a half dozen countries make coordinated, well planned attacks on American interests this September 11th? The short answer is because they can – and they know it. Why do bullies pick on wimps and weaklings? Because they can. Because the wimp will not fight back. Because a weakling is an easy target. Bullies are insecure about themselves and their own abilities. They must posture before the masses they fear, and from whom they desperately seek approval.

Our Embassy was invaded, our flag burned, our Ambassador raped and murdered and his body desecrated because our Islamic enemies understand we are weak and will not fight back. Our president, and under his leadership, our Department of State are pathetic. They don’t just buy into the proffered excuses, they actually put them forward.

Our State Department is telegraphing a loud and clear message to the Islamic world . That message: There will be no response, we are content to accept your excuses.

Two thousand years ago a Roman Emperor asked an advisor how to preserve the peace and avoid war? The counselor gave his Emperor the only correct answer to the question. The wise man said “Si vis pacem para bellum.” When president Thomas Jefferson addressed the subject, he said “Millions for defense and not one cent for tribute.” Theodore Roosevelt once explained, we must “Speak softly, and carry a big stick.” Harry Truman’s only offer to our enemies was to demand “Unconditional surrender.” General Curtis E. LeMay defined the policy as “Peace through strength.” Ronald Reagan put forward his vision for a lasting peace in the world rather succinctly “We win – they lose!”

As I watch rioters and vandals burn our flag, burn our embassy, and drag the dead body of our raped and murdered Ambassador through the streets of Benghazi, Libya, I am angry. I am very angry. I am really angry at the insane Americans who still offer, and accept, excuses for such conduct. There is no excuse. There can be no excuse. The ‘why’ simply does not matter. Gutless Americans unwilling to stop the insanity and unwilling to get justifiably judgmental are a big part of the problem. If you believe there is any possible excuse for such actions, you share personal responsibility for what is happening.

We must understand mayhem is going to continue to happen as long as our ‘leaders’ apologize, cower, and make or accept excuses. Appeasement leads to ridicule, aggression, murder and war. Si vis pacem para bellum.

About the author:
Dean Allen is a member of the Board of Directors of the American Foundation for Counterterrorism Policy and Research (AFCPR). He served on the Demilitarized Zone in Korea and two combat tours in the Republic of Vietnam. Mr. Allen earned a Combat Infantryman’s Badge while serving with the 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile) and 22 medals or ribbons for service, or for valor in combat. Dean Allen was twice elected a Post Commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and was elected Grand Chaplain for South Carolina three years in a row.

You may view his website at

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Rattlesnake Revolution – The Audio Book

The Audio Book is Coming Soon!

As I have done book signings and other events, I have been asked numerous times if there was an Audio version of RATTLESNAKE REVOLUTION? Until now, the answer was no. I have exciting news to report. We are working with a major media figure to produce an Audio book that will be available very soon.
The Audio version will include the full text of the written book. Starting with the Boston Tea Party of 1773, I cover the history and origins of the tea party movement. This is not another diagnosis of problems in America. It is a “how to” manual on fixing those problems. With RATTLESNAKE REVOLUTION the tea party member, or group, is prepared to return America to constitutional government. I show you how to defeat RINO’s, Democrats, communists, socialists, and return both the Republican Party, and our republic, to the free market ideals and freedom-oriented philosophies of our founding fathers.
     There are plenty of books on the market explaining the influences of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome, Illuminati, on the RINO establishment. The question becomes, what do you do with all the information? How do you hold elected officials accountable for all the high sounding ideals in the Declaration of Independence, constitution, Bill of Rights, and the platform of the Republican Party?
     We already know all the problems caused by Obama with government bailouts, subsidies and takeovers of private businesses. Thanks to the work of Michele Bachmann, Jim DeMint, Dick Armey, Newt Gingrich, and other patriotic leaders, we know how Obamacare and other schemes are driving the national debt into the stratosphere.
     RATTLESNAKE REVOLUTION is both a book, and a website, dedicated to what you actually do about these problems and how we fix the Republican Party so we can fix the American republic. The current political battles over honest money, the growth of big government, go back to the founding of our republic. After the American Revolution the founders debated our monetary system at the Constitutional Convention in 1789. They discussed these matters when debating the ratification of our constitution and as they adopted our Bill of rights in 1791.
     To fix modern economic problems, patriots within the tea party movement must have a firm understanding of how and why the founders rejected fiat money and paper substitutes for real money. Without knowledge our people perish. Many have failed to understand how Mr. Lincoln, and his contemporary and admirer Karl Marx, undermined constitutional money, replacing gold and silver in the hands of the people with paper instruments issued by banks and governments.

     In RATTLESNAKE REVOLUTION, I explain how our founding fathers created a system of federal taxation, based largely upon excises, which would fund the legitimate functions of the federal government while preserving the autonomy of the states, and the freedom of the people. Fixing the problems in America today will require tax reform based upon understanding, and returning to, a constitutional system of taxation that raises revenue, rather than redistributing wealth.

     To fix the problems eating away the soul of America, we are going to have to do much more than just repeal Obamacare and oppose new stimulus and bailout plans. We are going to need to embrace the philosophy of freedom that animated Patrick Henry, Paul Revere, Sam Adams, Howard Jarvis, and Ronald Reagan. We are going to need to scrap a federal tax code with ten times as many words as the King James Version of the Holy Bible.

     We don’t need to settle for minor tinkering with budgets, borrowing, bailouts, and bureaucracy. We must work for, and achieve, fundamental tax reform and currency reform that will restore the balance achieved by Article I, Section 10 of the constitution and by the 9th and 10th Amendments that preserved states rights.

To accomplish these objectives, RATTLESNAKE REVOLUTION, the book, and the website, compares and contrasts the Tea Party Movement with other major social and political movements that have fundamentally changed America over the last two hundred years.

     In each case there is a problem or crisis, whether it is slavery, labor strife, social conditions, or individual rights. Movements as diverse as Abolition, women’s suffrage, prohibition, labor, civil rights, and the tea party movement, have gone through five stages if they were successful in permanently solving a problem and fundamentally transforming how American culture and government respond to a given crisis.

     Those five stages are, recognition of the crisis, then by indignant protests of the injustice of the crisis. Those protests coalesce into permanent organizations, and the organizations influence elections. Newly elected public servants, in the final stage, take legislative action to fix the problem.

     The tea party movement has made amazing strides in just three years. They have accomplished three of these five stages in only three years. In contrast, slavery, women’s suffrage, prohibition, labor reform, and civil rights, among other movements, have taken decades and in some cases over a century, to rack up such accomplishments. To finish the job and fix our republic, we are going to need more than just a Republican president and Cut, Cap & Balance; we are going to need tax reform and currency reform that restore constitutional government in America and jumpstart our economic system.

     RATTLESNAKE REVOLUTION lays out the blueprint for total success and how we can, working together, fix America by retuning to the Spirit of 1776!

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Rattlesnake Revolution

Rattlesnake Revolution

8 Rutledge Avenue, Greenville, South Carolina 29617

(843) 597-7459

For Immediate Release

Of Interest to editors and journalists covering:

Tea Party/ Books/ Politics/ History/ Election 2012

Greenville, South Carolina – January 26, 2012

Hill-Pehle Publishing announces the February 1, 2012 release of Dean Allen’s newest Book:


Rattlesnake Revolution, takes a lively romp through American history from the Boston Tea Party in 1773, to the tea party near you today. Along the way, author Dean Allen has compared and contrasted the roots and interactions of the major socio-political movements that have shaped American culture. Acting at various times as a journalist, historian, and political activist, Dean has chronicled the development of a spontaneous phenomenon that fundamentally revitalized the somewhat stodgy Grand Old Party.


Dean’s insights and observations give the tea party credit for amazing accomplishments in a short period, without glossing over weaknesses, and challenges, of a movement priding itself on being disorganized and leaderless. His access to, and friendships with, statesmen like Michele Bachmann, Jim DeMint, and dozens of local tea party leaders across the nation, allowed Dean to see, experience, understand, and explain, the roots of this revolution that swept Democrats from Congress in 2010, and is poised to restore constitutional government to America in 2012.


Rattlesnake Revolution chronicles the developmental stages of all socio-political movements. Great social movements have started with outrage over a problem, whether slavery, labor, or economic injustice. They began with protests in the street; these became effective organizations, gained cultural acceptance; and, finally legislatively transformed the way our nation dealt with problems. Is the tea party a flash-in-the-pan destined to fade into oblivion? Will the tea party become the next paradigm shift permanently liberating our republic from a sea of red ink? Rattlesnake Revolution seeks to provide the tools for the latter outcome.

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